Transboundary Flathead River: Water Quality and Aquatic Life Use

Richard Hauer and Erin Sexon

Gravel-bed river floodplains are the ecological nexus of glaciated mountain landscapes

F. Richard Hauer, Harvey Locke, Victoria J. Dreitz, Mark Hebblewhite, Windsor H. Lowe, Clint C. Muhlfeld, Cara R. Nelson, Michael F. Proctor, Stewart B. Rood

Landscape Patterns and Environmental Quality Analysis

The project undertook a literature review of publications that show a relationship between human land use and land use patterns and the qualitative state of various parts of the environment. Most published research focuses on wildlife species and water quality.

Genetic Status and Conservation of Westslope

Cutthroat Trout in Glacier National Park

Clint C. Muhlfeld, Vincent S. D’Angelo, Christopher Downs, John Powell, Stephen Amish, Gordon Luikart, Ryan Kovach, Matthew Boyer,and Steven Kalinowski

Toward a More "Reflexive

Environmentalism": Ecological

Knowledge and Advocacy in the Crown of

the Continent Ecosystem

Dena Pedynowski

Prospects for Ecosystem Management in the Crown of

the Continent Ecosystem, Canada–United States:

Survey and Recommendations

Dena Pedynowski

Dena Pedynowski identified 10 challenges to enhancing transboundary cooperation in the COCE that were consistently present throughout the region.


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Student Research:

The Crown Managers Partnership works closely with the University of Montana and in the past Mount Royal University in Calgary. Many students have focused their studies within the Crown region. Listed below are some of the research studies that have been completed:

Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE) State of Research: 2000:2015. Cox et al